Tuesday Torah with Sara Women’s Learning – Current Series: Jewish Holidays – Feast or Fast

 Jewish Holidays:Feast or Fast? Join us and our always engaging and enlightening Rebbetzin Sara as we learn with other women. Our current series Feast or Fast focuses on the Jewish calendar year including major Holidays, minor Holidays, fast days, the five Megillot (Scrolls) and more. A deeper look into what it is really all about. […]

W.O.W. Tu B’Shvat Celebration – Branch out and create your own art

W.O.W. invites you to branch out of your comfort zone and come create a beautiful piece of artwork! We’ll learn about the holiday of Tu B’Shvat (the birthday of the trees) while creating an original natural flowing painting through the Dirty Pour painting method. Enjoy fun, self expression, creativity and connecting with other Jewish Charlotte-area […]

Wednesday Night Class: Chovat Halevavot – Duties of the Heart… Dare to Grow!

Dare to Grow – Chovat Halevavot – Duties of the Heart This interactive class is given weekly on Wednesday evenings.  Rabbi O. provides in depth analysis of one of the most important Jewish ethical works. Composed in Spain in the 11th century BCE by Rabbenu Baochya ibn Pekuda, this book discusses Man’s purpose in the world […]