The Essentials Series

Explore Judaism in a Different and exciting format. Is Judaism relevant nowadays? Come and decide for yourself as you take a journey into thought and history of your people. Class 2: Science and Judaism: Enemies, Strangers, or Partners Science and Judaism: Enemies, Strangers, or Partners Tuesday February 18, 2020 Class 3: The Seven Wonders of […]

Hebrew Reading Crash Course

Learn to read Hebrew in only 6 lessons! 6 consecutive Monday nights starting December 16th with Rabbi B Levin. RSVP

CTC Virtual Classes

Good News. COVID-19 might have caused us to close our doors but you can still come in—virtually! We will have different class offerings Every night on different topics. Here are the topics for the next month. Sundays Famous Jewish Controversies in the 20th Century 03/22 – Class 1: Omission of the PartitionThe Mechitzah Controversy in […]

Wednesday Night Class: Chovat Halevavot – Duties of the Heart… Dare to Grow!

Dare to Grow – Chovat Halevavot – Duties of the Heart This interactive class is given weekly on Wednesday evenings.  Rabbi O. provides in depth analysis of one of the most important Jewish ethical works. Composed in Spain in the 11th century BCE by Rabbenu Baochya ibn Pekuda, this book discusses Man’s purpose in the world […]

If You Don’t Mind

Discussions about the necessity of being mindful are heard all over—from corporate board rooms to yoga studios. Long before it became a 21st buzzword, it has a long history in Jewish thought and practice. Join us as we journey through Mesillas Yesharim, written by Ramchal, an early 19th century Italian kabbalist, Talmudic scholar, and philosopher. […]