W.O.W. Round Rosh Hashana Challah Sale

Help support our W.O.W organization programs buy buying Challah (and help send a mom to Israel)! Order world famous Sara O. Challah to give as a gift or to use to celebrate Rosh Hashana with your family. Orders taken by emailing W.O.W. at wow@charlottetorahcenter.com AND  by paying at the link below. Special Rosh Hashana flavorings – crumble, raisin, […]

Wednesday Night Class: Chovat Halevavot – Duties of the Heart… Dare to Grow!

Dare to Grow – Chovat Halevavot – Duties of the Heart This interactive class is given weekly on Wednesday evenings.  Rabbi O. provides in depth analysis of one of the most important Jewish ethical works. Composed in Spain in the 11th century BCE by Rabbenu Baochya ibn Pekuda, this book discusses Man’s purpose in the world […]

WOW! Challah Bake

You had fun last year and the year before? Came home with delicious Challah?Looking for an intimate Challah bake experience?Join W.O.W and discover new tips, explore beautiful traditions and share in the fun with others. Come home with two round Challahs, new friends and memories. Cost is an $18 donation. WOW! events and education are […]


Charlotte Torah Center’s Explanatory High Holiday Services NO membership necessary.                                                               NO Hebrew required.                                                                              Practical  explanations and insights. Great atmosphere! Great people! Great explanatory traditional services! Celebrate Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur with a warm and inviting community lead by Rabbi Oppenheim of the Charlotte Torah Center.  The service is user friendly and explanatory with […]

Rosh Hashanah Meals

Join the warm and inviting community of the Charlotte Torah Center for a delicious festive meal for Rosh Hashanah after services on both Sunday night September 29 and Monday September 30, Monday night September 30, and Tuesday after services October 1st. Connect with the community, share traditions and learn together with family and friends during […]

Yom Kippur with CTC – October 8-9 , 2019

Yom Kippur services lead by expert motivator and educator Rabbi Oppenheim of the Charlotte Torah Center. The solemn services will both inspire and enlighten you.  Detailed schedule is below. Children’s programming included. Times below for services and childcare.  No membership necessary to attend services.Donations for both Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services are: $180 family; […]

W.O.W. in the Sukkah

Join W.o.W and celebrate Sukkah! Featuring a potato bar, a fun Sukkah activity and more! Fun food, fun friends, fun learning and fun activity. $18 per ticket. Space is limited.  For details or volunteer opportunities please contact wow@charlottetorahcenter.com

Motivational Speaker: Up the Down Escalator – Maximizing Greatness with Adrienne Gold Davis

Join W.O.W. for a  night of inspiration and motivation with our keynote speaker Adrienne Gold Davis. Gold Davis, a sought after lecturer, devotes her life and professional career to Jewish education and motivational speaking while using her experience as a successful Canadian fashion and television personality to bring color and energy to her talks. She has been […]