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What is the Charlotte Torah Center…

The Charlotte Torah Center is an organization that serves as a community resource for traditional Jewish education at all levels for people of all backgrounds. Through group classes, one on one study, special seminars and explanatory learning worship services, students are exposed to the wealth of knowledge accumulated over centuries. The Center fosters life-long study, appreciation for Judaism and pride in one’s heritage.

Who We Are…

The Charlotte Torah Center is a hub for Jewish learning and an Orthodox synagogue where all are welcome and everyone belongs. The CTC provides meaningful Jewish experiences for families and individuals. Learn, love, live and explore Judaism with us through classes, socials, holiday celebrations, life cycle events and prayer services

Rabbi Oppenheim completed the bulk of his studies at Mir Yeshiva Kollel in Jerusalem. In 1996 he received smicha (rabbinical ordination) from Rav Yitzchak Kulitz, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. He also trained in pedagogy and pastoral psychology at Ohr LaGolah Leadership Institute. His first teaching job in 1996 was at Yeshivat Shaarei Yerushalayim. Three years later, he began teaching at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem. He became a Senior Lecturer in Discovery Seminars and Jerusalem Fellowships, a Gemora (Talmud) Rebbi in the Beis Midrash program, a Marriage Education Counselor, and an Advisor for madrichim (counselors) on Aish programs. His teaching is imbued with an attitude derived from his years at Aish HaTorah: “[to provide]opportunities for Jews of all backgrounds to discover the beauty and meaning of their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect” (www.aish.com). He started the Dallas Area Torah Association community in Plano, Texas where he lived before coming to Charlotte.

Raised in a non-observant Jewish family in New York, Rabbi Oppenheim traveled the road to becoming observant and thoroughly enjoys teaching people at all stages of spiritual growth. While earning his B.A. in Philosophy at Columbia University, he went on the Volunteers for Israel program; he lived on an army base and picked fruit in the fields of the Golan Heights. During his stay in Israel, he visited a yeshiva for the first time. He returned to college quasi-religious having realized that he had been dedicating himself to becoming an intellectual but had given almost no time to becoming knowledgeable in Judaism. At that point, his focus shifted toward learning Torah.

Rabbi Oppenheim joined the CTC with his wife, Sara, who is also an accomplished Jewish leader. She founded N-Aish-Ay, a women’s organization that offers educational programs and social events for wives of future rabbis, educators, and other community leaders. Additionally, she worked as a dating coach for Aish HaTorah. She is highly regarded as a specialist in women’s intimacy issues and has received many referrals from prominent Rabbis.

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