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Hands are for Mitzvot and we need your helping hands at CTC

  Hands are for Mitzvot! Can you help out at any of these events? Please email if you can help Charlotte Torah Center, CJWI & JWRP Alumni community service hours given to all teens who assist ! **All events held at the Charlotte Torah Center new location unless noted otherwise. Address is: 5668 International […]

Rosh Hashana Community Dinners Sept. 24 and 25

Join the warm and inviting community of the Charlotte Torah Center for a delicious festive meal for Rosh Hashana after services on both Wednesday Sept. 24 and Thursday Sept. 25.  Connect with the community, share traditions and learn together with family and friends during our interactive meal for the whole family. Please RSVP by Sept. […]

The Anomally Called Bread

A Word from Rabbi Chanoch Oppenheim Jews know that we don’t eat bread on Passover, but we go to extremes during this particular time of year because of the peculiar law stat ing that we must purge chometz (leavened bread) from our possession. Interestingly, we don’t find the idea of eradicating forbidden things as part […]