Educational Series – Why Can’t We All Get Along?

Join the Charlotte Torah Center and W.O.W. for a three-part series on Israel and the Middle East.  Classes are Tuesdays March 26, April 9 and April 16 for 75 minutes including a 45 minute interactive class followed by a 30 minute question and answer. Classes taught by our always engaging and thoughtful Rabbi Oppenheim.

March 26: What’s All the Fuss About the Middle East? Why other religions and populations want to possess land in Israel. We’ll start at Genesis and end with WWI. Also, where does the name Palestine come from and where do the Palestinians come from?

April 9: Miracle of the Mediterranean: How a group 0f Holocaust survivors created a Homeland. Discussion includes discussions on the Six Day Way; the Yom Kippur War and why we would start a war on the holiest day of the year.

April 16: Making Peace with Egypt – and Making Peace with Everybody Else: Why did Israel give away so much land to make peace – and did it work? Discussions also include, Madrid, Oslo, Camp David 2000 and Gaza. We’ll talk about the security wall and the settlements.