Sukkot with CTC and the Oppenheim’s

Enjoy Sukkot with CTC!

For prayer times please contact Due to Covid space is very limited and is reserved for CTC synagogue  members. A separate email will be sent out regarding service times.

Enjoy a Sukkot meal experience with the CTC and the Oppenheim’s in the Sukkah.
The charge is $20 per meal.

There are 4 meals that we will be hosting the first two days, 

  • Sukkot night 1 9/20
  • Sukkot day 1  meal following services 9/21
  • Second night Sukkot meal  9/21 (late night meal)
  • 22nd day meal following services
  • Friday night the 24th
  • Shabbat day the 25th
  • Shmini Atseret night 9/27
  • Shmini Atseret day meal 9/28 following services
  • Simchat Torah night 9/28 following services (late night)
  • Simchat Torah following services 9/29. 

Space is limited. If you join us please confirm your attendance by emailing and we will let you know space confirmation times for the meals. Tickets can be purchased at the link below:

Join W.O.W. for a Zoom into Sara’s sukkah night 9/26 at 7 p.m. Details for that event can be found at (We do not have all the details yet so we do not have a link.)