W.O.W. Round Rosh Hashana Challah Sale

Help support our W.O.W organization programs buy buying Challah (and help send a mom to Israel)!

Order world famous Sara O. Challah to give as a gift or to use to celebrate Rosh Hashana with your family.

Orders taken by emailing W.O.W. at wow@charlottetorahcenter.com AND  by paying at the link below.

Special Rosh Hashana flavorings – crumble, raisin, cinnamon, everything, poppy seed and honey.
Challah dough will be weighed to ensure consistency among orders. Please specify your toppings when ordering. 

This year – special: buy two challot and get one FREE! 
 $18 each, 2 for $36 and get one free.

Challah will be available for pickup Monday September 23rd. 

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