Yom Kippur Class for the Clueless but Curious

Yom Kippur class followed by the Chovat Halevavot at 8p.m.


Whether you want to come and passively listen or actively participate, this class is an opportunity for you to enjoy the High Holidays this year—whether you chose to stay home or go to the synagogue of your choice. In this two part series, we will address the following five questions each class, as well as any others the participants want answers to.

Question: Is Yom Kippur a happy day or a sad day?

Question: Why fast; wouldn’t we have a more significant experience if we had our morning coffee and ate something?

Question: Why can’t I wear leather shoes but can wear a leather belt or even leather yarmulke?

Question: Why is it so hard to change? What Jewish wisdom can we access to help us change parts of our personalities we would like to discard? (Fear, lack of confidence, lack of self-control, just to name a few.)

Question: Why is guilt antithetical to Judaism?