Coronavirus brought negative changes to all of us, but it brought positive changes for many of us as well. Elul is a time for recognizing those new changes and making them permanent. That’s why the Orthodox Union is partnering with dozens of synagogues across three countries to resolve — as individuals, families, and communities — to continue some of the positive ways that we’ve coped, connected, and transcended these difficult times.

This Shabbat, August 21/22, Project Resolve Together offers an opportunity to reflect on these new realities, and be intentional about continuing them going forward. Whether it’s the daily walk around the block, the new commitment to daf yomi, calling bubby regularly, davening with kavana, or any of a hundred other small and big things many people have picked up in the past six months, now is the time to reflect and resolve.

Visit and print out the discussion guide. Work through it by yourself, with your spouse, family, or friends. Then commit to your new resolution. If you’re especially inspired by it, post it to your favorite social platform with the hashtag #resolvetogether and challenge a friend to do the same.

“As we have witnessed throughout the history of the Jewish people, even in times of tremendous pain and suffering, we are capable of rising to new heights spiritually, in acts of kindness and charity. Resolve Together enables families and community to grow from the strength of each other and incorporate these positive attributes even after the pandemic passes,” said Orthodox Union President MoisheBane.

Join the CTC community in ‘resolve together’.