Messages from February 2023

Rabbi O’s Weekly Parsha: Mishpatim (Exodus 21-24)

Close the Toothpaste! Imagine a couple standing under the chuppah googly-eyed and in love. The rabbi speaks about the beauty of marriage and the significance of the day. Then, all a sudden, the bride starts listing her set of rules for the marriage. “Make sure to close the toothpaste, keep the toilet seat down, take out the […]

Rabbi O’s Weekly Parsha: Yitro (Exodus 18-20)

Ultimate Unity      They journeyed from Rephidim and arrived at the Wilderness of Sinai and encamped in the Wilderness; and Israel encamped there, opposite the mountain. (Exodus 19:2) The old adage, two Jews- three opinions, is more than a clever observation regarding our tendency to disagree with one another, it’s also a subtle description of the difficulty […]

Rabbi O’s Weekly Parsha: Beshalach (Exodus 13:17-17:16)

Interested in Reaching Your Potential? Take Responsibility  Although the splitting of the Sea is one of the most significant events in Jewish history, few talk about the events immediately preceding it.  The tribes were arguing about who should leap first into the Sea, each attempting to avoid taking the first step. Finally, Nachshon from te of […]