(37:1-40:23) Joseph’s brothers strip him of his coat of many colors and throw him into a pit.

Rabbi O’s Weekly: Vayashev (Genesis 37-40)

How Do You Wrap Your Chanukah Gifts?Here’s a rarely discussed Chanukah topic: How should one give a Chanukah present? Sometimes it’s sufficient to simply ship it with an attached note but usually we have to wrap it and hand deliver it. A group of researchers ( set out to find out what impact wrapping has on a recipient’s appreciation […]

Rabbi O’s Weekly Parsha: Vayeshaiv (Genesis 37-40)The Ability to Confront

…Joseph at the age of seventeen years was a shepherd with his brothers…and Joseph brought back evil reports about them to their father (Jacob). (37:2)This week’s Parsha tells the story of one of the early events that led to the Jewish people’s bondage in Egypt. Joseph spoke lashon hara (slander; evil reports) to his father about his brothers. This led to a […]